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Naomi Burke, born on the 6th of December 1978, she is the third born child of her Irish mother Ann Moore and Trinidad father Oliver Burke.

As a Army child Naomi was born in Germany, Iserlohn and raised all over Europe.

Naomi´s passion to music was noticed in early ages. There was not a school musical that Naomi did not play in, and 12 years of classic dance lessons formed her into a special Artist. Naomi knew there is only one place for her and that was the stage...


Winning Berlins biggest talent award with her brother Dean Burke and friend Twano Cherry, set the first stepstones towards her Music career.

Naomi signed a record deal 1999 with East West Records. 

Launching the project "Lunatics" (Naomi,Dean,Twano,Maya) they covered the popular song from the Housemartins " Caravan of Love".

1999 the band featured the Dance act, Music Instructor with "Get Freaky" This track exploded in the music industrie and was over 4 months in the top 10 Charts, selling over 1,5 million copies. The band got awarded with Gold and Platnum records.


As a songwriter and rapper Naomi feat. many artists including:

Music Instructor,D!Nation, Superfly, Dean Burke, Irie Rocker Allstars(33 Austrian Charts) and many more...


Because of Naomi´s influences there are no boundries to creating good music. If she feels it, shes up for it.. She also studied Audio Engineering and is a great sound designer, mixer for various Artists and Events...


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